In a previous blog, we covered the importance of an IT governance framework. Controlling the discussion about IT within your organisation is a critical tool in maintaining an IT governance framework. 

A wellformulated IT narrative or strategy addresses your organisation’s ‘holistic’ IT needs. It answers the questions of the functional areas of the organisation before they are asked. 

There are some key risks in not controlling the IT narrative within your organisation. 

The value of IT

Not controlling the IT narrative impacts the value of IT within your organisation. 

If functional areas within the business are questioning – consciously or not – the IT narrative, it will inevitably impact on the IT strategy and ultimately the IT governance framework. 

What starts with questioning will lead to a dilution of the value of IT within the organisation. 

Undermining the IT strategy

When the value of IT is diminished, the natural consequence is that IT strategy – most likely carefully considered and deployed – will get undermined. 

The signs are obvious. The executive starts dropping into the tactical layer. Making suggestions prompted by a conference they attended. Or the last person they spoke to. They start making decisions that are, at best, partially aligned to the IT strategy or ignore it completely. 

Uncoordinated actions, magic bullets and unicorns 

In questioning, undermining and ‘solving’ their challenges, the executive formulates actions that are uncoordinated with the IT strategy. They look for the magic bullet ‘this one move will fix all the problems’ – and unicorns – ‘I’ve found this supplier, they can manage everything for us, they secure the hardware, manage the fleet, everything’. They start issuing instructions rather than helping you formulate strategy. They might start dealing with vendors directly. Where those vendors sell them more effectively than you do, they start imposing those ‘solutions’ on you. 

The endpoint of these actions is a hodgepodge of providers, solutions and experts. The break point is a pervasive view that ‘IT isn’t working’ and results in dramatic decisions to outsource IT or replace existing staff with ‘people who can fix this stuff’. 

Until next week, stay safe. 

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