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Automated Network Penetration Testing

Take the challenge out of meeting compliance and achieving cyber security best practices.

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Advanced Penetration Testing Made Accessible

When a cyber attack makes the news, it’s usually because the target was a major corporation or a local government. Yet growing cyber threats also put small and medium sized organisations at risk of business disruption, data loss and more. However, these smaller organisations usually have fewer resources to draw on in order to protect themselves against cyber threats and to help them recover if they experience a security breach. 

vPenTest, from Vonahi Security, is an automated network penetration testing platform that combines the knowledge, methodology, processes, and toolsets of a hacker into a single, deployable SaaS platform for organisations of all sizes. vPenTest allows organisations to perform a penetration test within their environment at any given time, satisfying both compliance requirements as well as meeting security best practices.

Benefits of vPenTest Include:

Overcome Budget Limitations

Small firms can now take advantage of pen-testing platforms like vPenTest that are significantly more affordable than traditional assessments. As a result, it has become far easier for your small business to add a much needed offensive dimension to your cyber security efforts.

If your business currently relies on manual assessments, you can save money by switching to automated pen-testing, investing these savings in strengthening other aspects of your security strategy, such as mitigating the uncovered issues.

Overcome Staffing Limitations

By making it possible to carry out a full penetration test with the click of a button, vPenTest provides you with the ability to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of seasoned penetration testers without having to create a position for this or hire external consultants.

Streamline Cyber Security

One major source of frustration for companies relying on traditional penetration testing is the time and effort it takes to get from the decision to perform an assessment, to receiving the final report.

With vPenTest you can carry out assessments whenever you want, and because the report is generated during the assessment, you receive it as soon as the test completes.

Continuous Security

Since traditional penetration testing requires significant resources, organisations usually conduct only one or a few assessments per year, unlikely to uncover all or even most serious gaps in security during a single engagement.

With vPenTest enabling you to perform penetration tests on an ongoing basis, your environment is continuously scanned and probed. Keep track of your organisation’s risk profile in near real-time, allowing you to promptly address issues and check the effectiveness of those mitigations.

Overcome Patch Fatigue

vPenTest can supercharge your patch management strategy by detecting, exploiting and thereby revealing known vulnerabilities in your environment that should be prioritised for patching. This is especially beneficial if you use vPenTest to carry out security assessments on an ongoing basis.

Improve Password Management

During an assessment, vPenTest uses various techniques to obtain password hashes and then attempts to reuse these across the network. The password hashes are also sent to a cracking server capable of revealing weak and default passwords. In addition, vPenTest checks company websites for the presence of email addresses, which it tests against a database of accounts that were previously compromised in a data breach.

You can use all of this information to adjust your password policy where necessary in order to prevent employees from using weak or compromised credentials.

Assess Your Threat-Detection Capabilities

By simulating a real-world cyber attack, vPenTest lets you review the effectiveness of different security solutions including anti-virus, intrusion detection systems, firewalls and even log management software when it comes to detecting and blocking malicious activity on your network.

Achieve Compliance with Ease

Automated penetration testing makes it dead simple to maintain compliance under standards requiring your company to carry out security assessments on a yearly or more frequent basis.

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One Penetration Test Each Year is NOT ENOUGH!

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