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Mobile Device Management

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Bring Your Own Device

Increase your organisation's productivity through empowering your employees. The right tools with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy promotes collaboration, sharing and managing of critical information. When enabling staff to bring their own devices, you help them access the files they need, when they need it. And with Managed IT's mobile device management, you can retain fine-grained control and prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.

Device stolen? Find it and wipe it remotely

With Managed IT Mobile Device Management, you have countless powerful possibilities at your fingertips. Unfortunately devices sometimes get stolen or lost. With Managed IT Mobile Device Management, you can locate the device to retrieve it or report it to the authorities. In addition you can remotely delete all sensitive information so there is no chance of it falling into the wrong hands.

Mobile Devices

Control how devices are used during work time

People often use their own laptops, tablets and smartphones for work as well as leisure. However when they’re in the office, you obviously want them used solely for work purposes. With Managed IT Mobile Device Management, you can block staff from using certain apps and websites while they are in the office, while still enabling them to use their devices as they wish while when they’re not working.

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