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For many of us here at Managed IT, working with Not-For-Profits is close to home and something that adds a lot of value to our personal and working lives. Many of our clients are Not-For-Profit organisations where we work to raise the maturity of their IT systems and to improve the outcomes for those organisations. Community and Not-For-Profits organisations are more common targets of cyber-crimes as they lack the security systems to protect themselves. We work with them to effectively build up their security layers to protect them from any threats. Over the years we have formed close relationships with these organisations we work with and have donated many hours to help them where needed. 

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Feeling fulfilled and valued by a client drives our work ethic and helps our company to deliver quality services that we are proud of. Our passion for community comes from a personal level, as most of our staff are involved in Not-For-Profit organisations outside of work and can acknowledge the importance of keeping them up and running for our community's benefit. 

Our team here has a desire to expand our work in this vital area of our community so please reach out if you are an organisation wanting to work with us.

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