Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backups can be life saving for an organisation

We are frequently contacted by organisations who have experienced some level of data loss. Imagine the cost to your business if you had to recreate one or two weeks’ worth of data. How would your organisation cope with lost or deleted documents and files?

Data loss incidents are not restricted to natural disasters, such as fires and floods. Most data loss is due to security issues, such as malware and virusses, and human error.

At Managed IT we have your back, literally. Our Managed Backup service protects your critical business data, minimises the possibility of data loss and keeps your business protected

Restore an entire server in minutes and schedule recovery points as frequently as every five minutes - or 288 times per day - so you never lose more than a moment's work.

What’s great about our Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery services?

  • Tried and tested

    As we use Dell for the backup software as well as the hardware, you can rest easy knowing that it has been thoroughly tested and is backed by one of the most reputable IT companies in the world.

  • Near continuous backup

    The backup interval can be set as frequent as every 5 minutes, or 288 times a day, so you never lose more than a moment’s work.

  • Fast restore

    In the unfortunate event that your data needs to be restored, we can restore a single file or an entire system in mere minutes.

  • On-site & off-site backup

    Having your backups on-site doesn’t protect you against natural disasters. That’s why we not only backup on-site, but also constantly replicate to our data centre.

  • Restore to the same hardware, or in the cloud

    Sometimes a backup can be restored to the same system, but when the hardware has been lost, we can also restore your system to a new cloud server in just a few minutes.

  • Automatic nightly checks

    A good backup is one that is regularly tested. We test the integrity of your backups every night so you can sleep easy.

  • Effective for all your servers

    Managed IT Backup & Disaster Recovery works not only on file servers, but also Exchange mail servers and SQL Servers.

Connected, reliable, accessible with Dell Data Protect

Backups are a critical element of any business’ infrastructure stack but the cost and resource overhead required to support and maintain a robust system in-house can be significant. Because of the significant costs, many businesses don’t test their backups enough meaning that backups often don’t work.

At Managed IT we use Dell Data Protect. The entire stack of software and hardware has been thoroughly tested by Dell and, as a Dell Partner, we can rely on Dell to make sure you have backups that are reliable and cost efficient. Numerous Fortune 500 businesses use the same backup technology and service that small and medium size organisations can now access at a very competitive fee compared to other solutions out there.

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Combining our commercial expertise, commitment to best practices and use of best of breed tools, we have proven track record of solution delivery.

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We tailor low maintenance, scalable solutions that align with your business.
Whether you are planning for growth or consolidating your business, Managed IT can tailor a solution to align IT outcomes with business objectives.

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Free up existing resources
Managed IT’s backup and disaster recovery solutions are automated and maintenance free. Read more about our range of Managed Services.

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