Cyber attacks happen anywhere, anytime

Over 4,000 cyber attacks occur daily.

In recent years hackers have learned the value of information, with recent attacks trending towards holding sensitive information for ransom as opposed to just destructive mischief.

These sophisticated hacks encrypt your data and force you to wade through a myriad of complex procedures so you can pay a ransom to unlock it, sometimes with no success and with very little recourse from the authorities.


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    These attacks are wide-ranging, global and do not discriminate between governments or companies.

    These attacks not only just demand money to retrieve information, but will also threaten to leak it online.

    Paying a ransom can be costly, but the cost to your organisation can be much higher as a result of lost IP, productivity and reputation.


    Prevention is better than cure

    Managed IT is a leading IT managed services company, providing world-class cyber security strategy and solutions.

    Backed by Fortinet’s proprietary technologies, Managed IT can ensure that your data will be locked in a fortress of technologically advanced procedures and systems.

    Managed IT’s remote monitoring tools provide visibility on the health and performance of your systems. Utilise our service desk incident tracking and management system to ensure your organisation stays on top of security requests and incidents.

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    “We were without an IT provider for some time after our IT provider went out of business. Once we brought Managed IT on board, we were pleasantly surprised with the level of service, systems improvements and time savings we gained with them as our new provider. Their service has been phenomenal and they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our systems are not only working properly, but that our IT systems and policies continue to improve every month. Choosing Managed IT has been a great decision for our business and we are happy to recommend them as a provider.”

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