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Managed IT Sponsors West Tech Assemblage 2021

On 29 November, Managed IT was a platinum sponsor for the 2021 West Tech Assemblage in Perth, WA. The event brings together the state‚Äôs technology and innovation sectors to collaborate and focus on digital accessibility and inclusion. 

West Tech Assemblage VIP Guests, Speakers and Sponsors

The collaborative discussion acts as much more than a networking event. The panel discussions and partnerships formed through the West Tech events have fostered initiatives and programs that have benefited the community, with West Tech Assemblage "currently one of the biggest contributors to driving the culture of collaboration in WA".

The advancement of diversity and inclusion programs in WA's technology sector is a worthy cause that Managed IT proudly sponsored at the highest level. The event was attended by Managed IT founder and managing director, Michael Wates, and accounts manager, Anthony Roberts.

West Tech Assemblage Pan Pacific Hotel Perth WA