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Why Managed IT Services?

Many businesses today are increasingly turning to managed service providers, with IT one of the most popular services being outsourced.  And it makes sense.  IT is an integral part of your business operations and it is imperative it is managed effectively, is secure, and safe from threats.

But it’s not just expertise and skills that makes using a managed IT provider a good idea.  In fact, there are a whole range of benefits:

More Efficient & Reliable IT

Many businesses use external IT providers as an extension of their inhouse team, in order to enhance their existing capabilities.  This is particularly beneficial for small to medium size businesses who often need additional support resolving complex one-off issues or projects, as well as managing tasks like remote back up and cloud computing.

Improved Security

Managed IT providers are in the business of security – one of their core service delivery items is to deliver and maintain a highly resilient and robust network infrastructure ensuring your data and indeed your customer’s data is safe and secure.  These services include network boundary protection, security monitoring, incident management, vulnerability assessments & penetration testing, anti virus and content filtering services, and archiving and restoration.

Minimise Downtime

System downtime can be extremely costly to your business in terms of lost revenue and reduced productivity.  A managed IT provider will work to minimise the risks of downtime occurring, whether it be due to disasters or security breaches, leaving you confident your data is accurate and safe.  When your IT system is running smoothly and efficiently, you and your team can focus on strategic projects and business activities that help grow your business.

Access to Latest Technologies

A good managed IT provider will ensure you are equipped with the best possible technologies and equipment on the market.  Having access to the latest technology in your business means you can provide your customers with a superior service, as well as develop, maintain uptime and profitability.  With a managed IT provider, technology is continually maintained and upgraded at no cost to you, other than your contracted fee.  This service saves you considerable outlay on expensive pieces of technology that will depreciate and / or become obsolete.

ROI/Cost Savings

An IT budget can consist of many items from hardware and software, and network infrastructure costs, not mention service calls, maintenance and upgrades.  When you use a managed IT provider, you will most likely pay on a fixed price contract that is confirmed up front, helping you forecast, plan and manage your cash flow more effectively.  Additionally, often when businesses do not have a dedicated internal IT team, or an external provider, existing employees are left to fill the role and undertake technical tasks themselves.  By using the services of a managed IT provider, your team members can work more efficiently and productively, focusing only on their core role.

A managed IT provider allows you to focus on what you do best, while saving you time, money and improving your team’s productivity.  Talk to the team at Managed IT today