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In the Event of a Disaster

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan?  A network failure due to cyberattacks, power outage, natural disaster, or loss of key personnel can be catastrophic for your business without a managed and tested disaster recovery plan.

Many small businesses think this is something only big business need worry about, yet just an hour of downtime can have dramatic effects on your company information, your interaction with customers, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Why does your business need an IT disaster recovery plan?

Protect against natural disasters

Whether it’s a storm, fire or flood, many uncontrollable circumstances can cause your business to experience downtime.  A disaster recovery plan means your data will be safe, secure and backed up in this situation.  Additionally, with a cloud based solution, your data will be accessible anywhere so if the office floods, you can log in from home or the coffee shop down the road and keep your business going.

Minimise cyber attacks

Cybersecurity is the buzz word of 2017 – with more and more data in the cloud, cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated and savvy in their attacks.  Many small businesses without strong IT departments or managed IT providers will be vulnerable to attacks, often thinking it is only large enterprises who are the targets.  When you work with a managed IT provider to implement a disaster recovery plan, you limit greatly the impact of an attack, and prevent your business from losing valuable data.

Secure your data

With a disaster recovery plan, you can feel confident knowing your business data, as well as your confidential customer contacts and information is safe and secure.  An effective cloud based solution will back up your data and encrypt it for secure storage.

Human error

While disasters can often seem to be all about catastrophic weather events or criminal cyberattacks, it is often your employees that can impact data loss.  Loss of a key employee who attempts to take vital data with them, or a team member who simply makes a mistaking performing a task can mean data is compromised or lost and impacts business operations.  An effective disaster recovery plan should incorporate data backups that let you easily restore your files to an error free state.

System failure or error

In the same way an employee can make a mistake, a machine or a system can also fail.  Even the most expensive and technologically brilliant programs can suffer an error or failure, making data recovery plans even more vital.

The reality is, businesses of all sizes need a disaster recovery plan as the impact of not having one could be a disaster itself. Don’t know where to start?  When putting a plan together, it is best to work with an experienced IT partner who can develop a comprehensive, fully tested and supported IT disaster recovery plan that is just right for your business.  For information on how we can help you implement an IT disaster recovery plan, Contact Us today.