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Why IT is Not a Cost

Everybody has IT

As a society we have come to the agreement that electronic offices are far more practical than the old pen and paper offices we have left behind. This begs the question:
If IT was purely a cost, why would everyone have it?

In a world where one company can have offices all over the country and even the globe, hard copies just doesn’t cut it. The demand for instant results require a faster, more effective systems for sharing information within your business and your clients. It is crucial to stay on top of technological operations to remain relevant and efficient.

Portable Devices

The shift from desktop PCs to laptops, ultrabooks and tablets is a prime example of IT increasing competitive advantage. Being able to take a single item out to a client meeting looks more professional and increases the speed with which notes can be made and processed. It increases the information retained from the meeting and helps deliver solutions that customers appreciate; saving you time and money, and improving CRM.

Monitors – Bigger is better

With this shift to notebooks, there has been an increase in monitor size and dual monitors. It saves time for those working on large spreadsheets, and items that need constant reference back and forth between two or more windows. By implementing dual monitors for staff, you can increase their productivity by 30 percent. A direct benefit to your bottom line.

Online Sales

If you run a business that sells products, could these products be sold online to add an extra stream of revenue to your bottom line? Online sales are increasingly competing with brick and mortar sales and the best strategy to battle this is a cross-channel (both online and physical) one.

Case Studies

An example of IT assisting competitive advantage is the medical industry adopting online booking systems. While this is now a common place practice, first movers gained a competitive advantage. People choose to book an appointment with a provider that provides this option to cut out the clumsy phone call with the receptionist. It allows you to make a booking when it is convenient for you, rather than exclusively business hours.

Those medical services providers have put off implementing the online booking tool are now struggling to meet customer expectations and falling behind. They are rushing to implement a system in order to keep up with standard practice, rather than the one that may truly be best for them and their customers.

IT should not be thought of as a cost to your business. It is an investment that when done well can provide vast improvements to your organisation’s productivity and competitiveness. Interested in learning how you could become more competitive and productive? 

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