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How Outsourcing Provides Better Value Than In-House Attempts at IT

Many in-house IT teams are under-funded and understaffed, leaving the in-house team destined to become a jack of all trades, master of none. As a result, the work they do ends up being mediocre rather than adding to the efficiency of the company.

Outsourcing IT is the most affordable way to have access to a range of specialists and subject experts to configure and maintain systems properly. In 2013, Australian companies spent $7.5 billion on outsourced IT. As this increases, the overall IT cost goes down and companies’ efficiency goes up.

Size does matter

As a general rule of thumb, companies with over 20 staff should outsource and be spending around $240,000 on IT for each 20 employees. According to the ABS, Australia has approximately 85,000 businesses employing over 20 staff. These figures do not reflect the national IT spend from 2013.
The cost of IT should predominantly come from outsourcing common tasks. Tasks that can easily be outsourced include:

  • Help desks
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Backup
  • Maintenance
  • Email hosting

This also frees up the in-house IT team to specialise in company-specific IT tasks, improving the level of quality across the board.

If you are feeling the strain your company size is placing your IT staff and IT infrastructure, it is time to look at what you can outsource. As you continue to grow and employ more people, the IT problems you face will only get bigger and cause more loss.
We all want value

Outsourcing provides better value than in-house attempts at IT management.

IT management teams like us hire experienced professionals in each field to deliver complex configurations perfectly. These specialised IT consultants know what they’re doing and get the job done faster than a traditional in-house IT team. Overall, the cost for labour is reduced and the value you receive from your IT investment increased.

To discuss what tasks your company should outsource, contact Managed IT on 1300 626 243 or email us with your situation today to discover how we can help you.