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Australian Cyber Security Centre

Cyber security incidents can affect any business, at any time. With the average cyber security incident costing over $39,000 for small businesses, organisations cannot afford to overlook investing in their cyber security.   

Investing in preventative measures is usually less expensive than responding to an incident, so it will help minimise the costs for impacted organisations.

With the increased prevalence of cloud computing, the ACSC has created a series of 8 guides on securing cloud environments specific for small businesses.

What are the Small Business Cloud Security Guides? 

The Small Business Cloud Security Guides are designed to help businesses secure their systems and data and are accessible to organisations with limited resources and cyber security expertise.

The ACSC’s Small Business Cloud Security Guides provide small businesses with advice on how to securely configure Microsoft 365 and Intune-managed endpoints. The guides will help small business strengthen their cyber posture and resilience.