Startups.  They’re popping up thick and fast and they’re shaking up the way we do business.  Startups are highly connected, innovative and they’re not afraid to use the latest technology to benefit their day to day business, customers and their employees. We’ve identified some of the ways startups are changing the workplaces of today.  Take notes – we’ll all need to get on board to stay competitive. Results based work Startup founders and entrepreneurs are now more and more focused on their employees getting results, and less focused on the time spent obtaining them.  Gone are the days where employees must be seen in the office to be ‘working.’  Many startups aim to foster a culture where employees feel empowered to work harder through flexible working hours and conditions.  Additionally, many startups reward results based work by paying structured salaries based on these ‘wins’ or results.  Here, the intention is to reward those employees who work smarter and concentrate on getting work done so they have more time to spend on leisure, more time to work on bonus objectives or often, stock options. Flexibility and Productivity The employment conditions of the industrial era have stuck with us through much of history, but thanks to startups, we’re now starting to see a different way of working.  With traditional manufacturing and factory work, staff had to be physically present to operate machinery.  Today, a desk and associated equipment (be it laptop, smartphone or tablet) is accessible from virtually anywhere from to park benches, offices and on the [...]